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Vertically Aligned Gold Nanowires for Soft, Skin-conformable, Stretchable Supercapacitors and Self-Powered Sensors

posted on 28.09.2020, 23:27 authored by TIANCE AN
This thesis provides a detailed literature review on the recent progress in stretchable supercapacitors as well as triboelectric based self-powered sensors with practical applications. By utilization of vertically aligned gold nanowires as building materials, four main research projects are proposed. The first three projects are focusing on developing soft, stretchable and skin-conformable supercapacitors with addresses on structure characterization, performance evaluation and practical demonstration. In addition, a triboelectric-based self-powered pressure sensor is presented with outstanding stretchability. Besides, a triboelectric tattoo functioning as wireless human-machine interface as well as tactile sensory system are also demonstrated.


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Wenlong Cheng

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Chemical Engineering


Doctor of Philosophy

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