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Using a cardiac arrest registry to describe out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and inform future strategy.

posted on 2017-02-13, 23:52 authored by Deasy, Conor
This PhD thesis highlights the importance of cardiac arrest surveillance using a registry in the OHCA chain of survival. The use of a registry in driving a quality agenda and improving patient outcomes is emphasised.A key variable in OHCA survival is the denominator by which it is calculated; the OHCA registry is used to examine performance and outcomes in different age groups and aetiology subgroups of OHCA. The thesis demonstrates how a registry can be used as a tool for measuring key changes such as the impact of new guidelines and significant protocol changes. The thesis highlights how a registry can facilitate randomised controlled trials and reduce the required resources for factors such as patient follow-up in trials.


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Peter Cameron

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Karen Smith

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Stephen Bernard

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Linton Harriss

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Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine

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