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Using a Cyber Safety blog: primary school teachers' perceptions

posted on 22.02.2017, 03:43 by Wylie, Andrea
The main purpose of this thesis was to investigate teacher perceptions' about Cyber Safety education in primary classrooms of Victoria. The study utilised an online discussion forum and website to promote collaboration between primary school teachers. The aim of the project was to bring like-minded professionals together in an online environment. This community of practice formed a place for professionals to collaborate and improve their Cyber Safety knowledge. The study was important as children are starting to access the Internet at an earlier age. In addition many schools are now utilising new technology such as mobile devices. As a consequence, young children are easily able to access the Internet and are more socially connected than ever before. The need for education and investigations into primary school teachers' thoughts about teaching Cyber Safety then becomes apparent. The study involved participants from primary schools who wrote online posts about their experiences in teaching Cyber Safety in their classrooms. Post study, participants indicated that their knowledge of Cyber Safety had increased, and that being able to collaborate was beneficial. Participants also identified that there were times when they did not consider teaching Cyber Safety awareness to their students despite accessing the Internet. Factors such as being time poor and having unreliable technology impacted on the study.


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