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Uptake of Dialogic Teaching and Learning Using a Genre-Based Pedagogical Approach: Engagement and Identity Negotiation in an English Language Teacher Education Writing Course in Thailand

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posted on 20.05.2019, 14:17 by PINTIPA SEUBSANG
This thesis examines the uptake of dialogic teaching and learning in the context of an English language teacher education writing course in Thailand through the introduction of a genre-based pedagogical approach. The sociocultural constructs of appropriation and mediation are used as a frame for conceptualising teacher educators’ and pre-service teachers’ teaching and learning identities as mediated by their experiences, and as related to their actual teaching and learning practices. The findings indicate the necessity of providing a bridge for both teacher educators and pre-service teachers in settings of transmissive teaching to work effectively towards more dialogic teaching approaches.


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Marianne Turner

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Pearl Subban

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