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Unravelling the Thermofluids Interplays Between Fractal Induced Turbulence and HVAC Heat Exchanger

posted on 07.02.2021, 09:55 by SU MIN HOI
The ever-growing concern for sustainability has urged researchers to improve the thermal performance of the primary energy consumer – heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Recent research revealed that a turbulence generator known as the fractal grid is capable of inducing turbulence at the desired properties that promote heat transfer via fine-tuning its geometrical parameters. That is, fractal-induced turbulence offers huge potential for augmenting the HVAC thermal efficiency. Thus, this research provides insight into the essential fractal-induced hydrodynamics for better plate-fin heat transfer which potentially facilities the development of efficient heat exchangers, lighting the path to a sustainable energy future.


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Foo Ji Jinn

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Irene Chew Mei Leng

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Ooi Ean Hin

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School of Engineering (Monash University Malaysia)


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