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Unintentional and Intentional Injuries Amongst Children in Malaysia: Addressing the ‘grey’ area of underlying cause of injuries

posted on 2018-03-18, 23:07 authored by ANNE NOOR SRI JUWANEETA JAMALUDIN
Children are considered to be one of the most vulnerable populations in the world. Injuries in children, either unintentional or intentional, have the same physical, mental and psychosocial effect as adults. Victims of child maltreatment, intimate partner violence and sexual violence have been shown to have a broad array of adverse health effects that can persist over a lifetime. Likewise, injuries from other causes (road traffic, falls, burns, etc.) can result in long-term negative outcomes. Research undertaken in this thesis aimed to identify what are the factors that may contributing towards the ‘grey’ area in identifying between these two causes of injuries (unintentional and intentional) in the hospital setting in Malaysia.


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Quek Kia Fatt

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Jennifer Oxley

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Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences (Monash University Malaysia)

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