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Unequally Equipped: Exploring the Interconnected Influence of Individual, Organisational and Structural Level Dynamics on the Work Lives of Individuals with Chronic Illness in Malaysia

posted on 2020-06-09, 00:01 authored by LAVANYA VIJAYASINGHAM
Responding to the national and global rise of chronic illness in working-aged populations, this thesis explores the influence of chronic illness on work and the employment sector within the structural context of Malaysia- a middle-income nation. The findings contribute to a scarce body of scholarship in the national, and low-and-middle-income country context, with a view to inform further research, policy and interventions that can address the challenges of work and chronic illness.


Principal supervisor

Pascale Allotey

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Dr Uma Jogulu

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Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences (Monash University Malaysia)

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences