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Understanding the role of the extended executive control network in primate behaviour

posted on 2020-06-01, 07:51 authored by DANIEL JAMES FEHRING
We frequently make decisions between competing behavioural options. These decisions might be influenced by stimuli in the environment, such as visual images or music, which may influence our emotional state. Electrical stimulation of the brain may also affect decision-making. It remains unclear how these factors interact and influence decisions, and which brain areas are involved. We found that (1) the behavioural influence of emotional stimuli depended on cognitive task. (2) Electrical stimulation of the brain interacted with learning to affect behaviour. (3) Behavioural biases in decision-making may emerge in visual processing areas, rather than prefrontal areas commonly associated with decision-making.


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Farshad Mansouri

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Marcello Rosa

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Biomedical Sciences (Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute)

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