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Understanding the Design of Playful Gustosonic experiences

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posted on 24.11.2021, 21:52 by YAN WANG
Prior human-computer interaction research shows that overlaying interactive sound to eating can change how we experience food, affecting how and what we eat. However, how to design such gustosonic (i.e. multisensory interactions between sound and the act of eating/drinking) experiences is not well understood. Drawing on the playful aspect of eating, this research designed three playful gustosonic systems (an interactive ice cream cone that makes sound, a dessert for collaborative music-making and straws that play personalized notes) to derive the world’s first understanding of how to design playful gustosonic experiences, enriching how we will experience food in the future.


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Florian Mueller

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Rohit Ashok Khot

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Human Centred Computing


Doctor of Philosophy

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