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Understanding L2 motivation within a multilingual framework: A comparative analysis of Japanese language learners in Australia and South Korea

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posted on 2017-06-14, 01:54 authored by TOSHIYUKI NAKAMURA
This study examines the motivational development of Japanese language learners in Australia and South Korea and their future self-images as bilingual or multilingual individuals. Initial motivation to study Japanese was generally linked to an interest in Japanese language and culture. However, visions of possible future careers became a more significant motivational factor as the students progressed in their studies. The study explores the impact of the students’ multilingual competencies, and various local and global situational factors on future visions and motivation, and argues for the importance of multilingual perspectives in the understanding of motivation for language learning.


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Robyn Spence-brown

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Naomi Kurata

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Linguistics and Applied Linguistics


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