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Understanding Disaster Vulnerability in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta

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posted on 27.08.2021, 08:33 authored by Kien Nguyen-TrungKien Nguyen-Trung
This thesis explores the contribution of farmers’ agency and social structures to the evolution of the social vulnerability in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta, following a historic drought and saline intrusion in late 2015 – early 2016. Based on a qualitative case study research, I conducted 28 farm household interviews, 21 key informant interviews with stakeholders, documentary and archival records analysis, and direct observation in the Soc Trang province of Vietnam in 2018. I employ secondary quantitative data analysis, quantitative analysis of household data, and thematic analysis of qualitative data to provide a comprehensive assessment of the topic.


Principal supervisor

Helen Margaret Forbes-mewett

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School of Social Sciences (Monash Australia)


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Arts