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Turbulent flow of Generalised Newtonian fluids through pipes and open channels

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posted on 20.07.2017, 06:33 by JAGMOHAN SINGH
Many fluids in industries and in nature show generalised Newtonian (GN) behaviour, i.e. they show a shear dependent viscosity. Fine particle suspensions found in mining and waste water industries are common examples of GN fluids. Pipes and open channels are two common mediums of transporting these fluids at industrial sites. The current thesis investigates the flow of GN fluids through pipes and open channels using a numerical technique called direct numerical simulations (DNS) to highlight the differences brought by the GN rheology compared to Newtonian fluids. The current work will give a direction to the development of computationally less expensive numerical techniques such as Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes simulations and large-eddy simulations for GN fluids. The work will also be helpful in improving the existing methods of designing fluid systems for GN fluids.


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Murray Rudman

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Hugh Blackburn

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Andrew Chryss

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Doctor of Philosophy

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