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Trauma and memory childhood trauma researched through stained glass, silver and gold: a studio-based exploration

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posted on 29.11.2016, 05:29 by Tanzer, Janine Anne
The basis for this studio research project stems from my ambition to give a voice to the suffering of childhood trauma and abuse. Within this exegesis, both my writing and studio production aim to investigate and explain why such memories cannot be erased; an invisible chain holds the abused to his or her disabling past. My visual practice spans various disciplines: jewellery, silversmithing, and stained glass. Its narrative content is historical, yet relates to the present and future. Its message is global. My studio exploration addresses the topic of a personal narrative of traumatic childhood memories. The subject and the materials are equally important. A key theme for me is to communicate my message to people who suffer in silence, who have also been abused. Equally important is to inform those who have no idea of the various forms of child abuse that are still an evil injustice to the most vulnerable in our society. As a result of my research, I have come to understand what has plagued me all my life. I know a lot more about who I am and why I am. I feel empowered to continue with my work in a new, positive direction.


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Dan Wolmering

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