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Transnational Marriages and Integration: Narratives of Identity Negotiations of Generation Millennium Pakistani Brides in Britain and Canada

posted on 2023-06-15, 23:43 authored by RIDA RIAZ
Marrying back home is a common practice among second or third generation Pakistani migrants in Britain and Canada, who bring brides from their parent’s country of origin. These brides experience challenges navigating between marital families’ expectations and integration in the host society. This study article foregrounds the importance of family while recognizing religion, gender, and social capital in shaping the ways transnational brides navigate their lives in the host society. The results reveal that family plays a crucial role in shaping their day-to-day negotiations and participation in the host society. While some families facilitated their participation in economic and social life, others created barriers for them. The findings also show that multicultural contexts also have an impact on their gender and religious practices.


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Dharmalingam Arunachalam

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