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Translating “Signposts for Building Better Behaviour Program” to the Malay language

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posted on 01.03.2017, 03:58 by Nasir, Nasriah
The research aimed to determine an effective process of translating an Evidenced Based Program (EBP) that was developed in the English language to the Malay language. The EBP that was being studied was the “Signposts for Building Better Behaviour” program. A literature review was conducted to examine the available translation processes. Answers to the question of whether cultural adaptation of the program materials were sought in order for materials to be effectively translated, understood and readable for the targeted participants were pursued. Through the research an effective process of translating the Signposts program to Malay was established and recommendations on a model for effectively translating an English based Evidence Based Program to other languages were made.


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Dennis Moore

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Angelika Anderson

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