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Thinking Form: A Creative Practice for Bringing Together the Everyday and Black Onto-Epistemologies

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posted on 14.01.2022, 04:09 by MYRIAM DOREMY DIATTA
In political and social projects aimed at making things, services, and relationships differently, critical self-reflection and private investigations of our own accountability are often a secondary ad hoc component. At the same time, the ways we show up in a meeting or for a friend or respond to an emergency may be in deep conflict with the politicized commitments with which we might associate. This exegesis looks into relationships between theory and practice to explore ways of making the relationship visible and to bring the two closer and closer together. This doctoral research dedicates an entire visual, material practice to aligning the everyday and the politicized commitments one might value in theory.


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Lisa Grocott

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Gene Bawden

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Shana Agid

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture