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The synthesis and characterization of high performance zeolite membranes, metal-organic framework membranes, and hybrid membranes for carbon dioxide and methane gas separation

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posted on 01.03.2017, 04:38 by Yeo , Zee Ying
The core research of this thesis is the synthesis and characterization of inorganic membranes (e.g. zeolite T, zeolite W) and metal-organic framework membranes (e.g. ZIF-8) for CO2 and CH4 gas separations. This would ultimately provide a picture of different novelty in the synthesis method with potential CO2 and CH4 gas separations. Besides, part of this research agenda is also to improve the overall structure of the inorganic or metal-organic framework membranes for better CO2/CH4 separation performance.


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Siang Piao Chai

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Chemical Engineering (Monash University Malaysia)

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Faculty of Engineering