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The role of mobile technologies in the sustainability of women-led micro-enterprises and women’s empowerment in rural Bangladesh

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posted on 26.05.2022, 00:45 authored by Monisha Biswas
This PhD examines the role of mobile technologies in the lives of women micro-entrepreneurs in rural Bangladesh and provides critical insights about a) the social, cultural and economic change processes and b) relationships between mobile technologies, sustainable livelihood outcomes and women’s empowerment. The research explored and modified the internationally recognized Sustainable Livelihood Framework from a Critical Realism perspective by examining two empirical cases from rural Bangladesh. Findings suggest that despite a generally positive impact, women’s utilization of mobiles is limited because of pervasive cultural norms. An outcome is the dilemma for village women needing to choose between the image of a ‘good woman’ and a ‘smart woman’. The agency of such norms and social structures can be missed in conventional research approaches. The findings can be utilized in ICT for development research and policy and practical settings.


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Larry Stillman

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Gillian Oliver

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Misita Anwar

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Human Centred Computing


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