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The role of MEC-17/αTAT1 in nervous system integrity and repair

posted on 2021-09-14, 01:45 authored by JEAN - SEBASTIEN KWOH Z TEOH
Neurons extend cable-like axons throughout the body to communicate with each other and other cells. Keeping these axons intact is critical for our nervous system’s function. In fact, disruptions to axons are associated with many human disorders, which are frequently incurable because our body lacks effective repair mechanisms. In this thesis, we have studied internal structures in axons, known as microtubules. We discovered that two microtubule-associated proteins are required to prevent the axon structure from degrading and to repair itself. Our findings add to our understanding of how neurons can keep their axons intact and repair themselves when injured.


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Brent Neumann

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Liesbet Temmerman

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Anatomy and Developmental Biology

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Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute

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