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The molecular programs controlling follicular helper T cell differentiation and function

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posted on 17.02.2017, 01:30 by Tsai, Louis Meng-Chin
The phenomena of T cell providing assistance to activated B cells is one of the fundamental requirement for the establishment of effective, and long-term immune protection against invading pathogens. The generation of effective antibody response is an orchestrated process that is both procedural and highly regulated. While the product of this process is required for efficacious immune protection, disregulation of any of its processes can just as easily lead to an immune response against self. We explored the functional role of the master transcriptional factor, BCL6, in orchestrating antibody responses in an extrafollicular response and also how BCL6 regulate microRNAs to influence T cell identity. Lastly, we demonstrated that during CD4+ helper T cell response, a distinct population of circulating CXCR5+ PD1+ cell emerges. This population of cells is capable of rapidly differentiate into mature, canonical T follicular helper cells upon antigen stimulation.


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Di Yu

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Central Clinical School, Department of Immunology

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Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences