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The investigation of fat necrosis in abdominally based flaps utilised for breast reconstruction

posted on 03.02.2021, 22:38 by HARMEET KAUR BHULLAR
This thesis examined the incidence, predictors and best method of diagnosing fat necrosis (FN), a complication of poor blood supply of abdominally based tissue used to reconstruct the breast after a mastectomy. The study demonstrated that an obese body mass index, ex-smoking status and certain blood vessels were predictive of a higher number or larger volume of FN. Fat necrosis is best diagnosed at 3 months post breast reconstruction with either physical exam or ultrasound. The study showed that FN occurred at a higher rate outside of the direct supply of the chosen blood vessels for the abdominal tissue transferred.


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Warren Rozen

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David Hunter-Smith

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Central Clinical School

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