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The fate of transition metals during enhanced weathering and development of geochemical treatments for accelerated carbonation of ultramafic mine tailings

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posted on 05.04.2019, 03:51 by JESSICA LORRAINE HAMILTON
Mineral carbonation is a natural rock-weathering process, which traps atmospheric CO2 within minerals. With the aim of paving the way towards ‘carbon neutral mining’, geochemical treatments are trialled that could realistically be employed by the mining industry to offset emissions, and which are unlikely to pose a risk of acidic or metalliferous drainage to the environment. The fate of trace metals is addressed in both passive and accelerated weathering scenarios, accounting methods for carbon uptake are improved, and an opportunity is identified for producing a secondary transition metal ore as a result of acid-leaching treatments used to promote mineral carbonation.


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Siobhan Alexandra Wilson

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Earth, Atmosphere and Environment


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Science

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