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The development of school music education in Taiwan (1895-1995)

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posted on 2017-10-05, 01:30 authored by Angela Hao-Chun Lee
This thesis examines the development of music in Taiwan from the period of 1895 to 1995. This time frame has been chosen because not only did it involve the introduction and development of music education in Taiwan but also included three main stages in the recent history of Taiwan: colonial rule under the Japanese protectorate (1895-1945), the restoration of Taiwan to the Republic of China (1945-1968), and the reforms and achievements of the most recent period (1968-1995).
Following a discussion of the main themes and contentions, the methodology employed and a review of the relevant research literature, there is a chronologically divided discussion of the development of institutionalized music education. For the current study, the organizational themes are elementary school music, secondary school music, music in teacher education and the school music syllabi and supporting texts.
In Taiwan, before the Japanese protectorate, Western religious music was influential. With the arrival of the Japanese, American and European music education practices continued to be influential because of their adoption by the Meiji government. The Japanese established the school system in Taiwan and imposed a curriculum to "Japanize" the population. Teacher training was also initiated during this time.


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