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The changing course of the HIV epidemics: implications from the rapid scale-up of antiretroviral therapy and the emergence of synthetic drug use in China

posted on 2018-11-05, 22:43 authored by SHU SU
HIV infection continues to be a significant public health concern in China. Antiretroviral therapy is the most effective way of reducing the HIV-related mortality and China has its National Free Antiretroviral Treatment Programme continued scaling up fifteen years. Currently, consumption of synthetic drugs such as methamphetamine has increased rapidly in Chinese drug users and condomless sex accompanied by the use of synthetic drugs has been found associated with HIV infection. This thesis indicates how the scale-up of the antiretroviral therapy and emerging synthetic drug use changes the course of the HIV epidemic in China.


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Lei Zhang

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Christopher Kincaid Fairley

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Limin Mao

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