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The beautiful room is empty

posted on 2023-10-04, 04:33 authored by JULIA CLAIRE MCINERNEY
An auspicious encounter with a permanently-sealed window upon commencing my doctoral research has come to serve the role of a question, or an image, around which a transformation unfolds. Located in my apartment, the window’s state of closure presents a fixed barrier between the ‘I’ and the outside world. I see the unfettering of the window as corresponding to the mechanics of the shutter of a camera, a medium I draw upon throughout my research. The attendant light and exposure, introduced by way of its opening, is reflective of a state of ‘bewilderment’. This state of bewilderment was produced by what I will describe as ‘events,’ which allow one to see the world “from the point of view of two rather than one,” thought by Alain Badiou as love’s essential transfiguration.


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