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The Role of ABCA12 in Type 2 Diabetes

posted on 2018-12-03, 05:34 authored by GLORIA MARIA ANGELA URSINO
Diabetes is a widespread metabolic disease that occurs when the body cannot control its blood glucose concentration due to dysfunction or absence of pancreatic β-cells. This thesis examines the role of the lipid transporter ABCA12 in β-cells. β-cells secrete insulin to lower blood glucose concentration, and their function is important for the prevention of diabetes. Using a genetically engineered mouse lacking ABCA12 specifically in the β-cell, I uncovered how loss of this protein affects the organisation of cholesterol to control insulin granule morphology and secretion, as well as how it controls the levels of potentially toxic lipid species in β-cells.


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Ian Macleod Smyth

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences