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The Nature, Measurement and Pharmacological Management of Agitation in Post-Traumatic Amnesia After Traumatic Brain Injury

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posted on 2022-10-06, 22:41 authored by RUBY KATHLEEN PHYLAND
Agitation is common in the early phase of recovery following traumatic brain injury, a period of confusion known as post-traumatic amnesia. This thesis firstly found that agitation impacts approximately one-third of patients following traumatic brain injury and is particularly common during post-traumatic amnesia and acute care. This thesis secondly divided the Agitated Behaviour Scale into two facets of agitation, Restlessness and Aggression/Lability. Finally, this thesis found that the antipsychotic olanzapine may be effective in managing agitation but also cause increased confusion in patients. These results will support the clinical management of patients following traumatic brain injury, improving patient outcomes.


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Jennie Louise Ponsford

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Adam McKay

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Psychological Sciences

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Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Neuropsychology)

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Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences