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The Fabrication of Polyvinyl alcohol Chemical Sensor for the Detection of Gallic Acid

posted on 2023-02-03, 01:36 authored by SUNDUS KHAN
Electrochemical sensors are excellent devices to transform chemical response into electrical signal. The chemical sensor PVA/GCE 60k (0.1%) established an important gateway for the development of sensitive and low-cost sensor by using voltammetric techniques for the detection of gallic acid (GA) at potential of +208 mV with oxidative peak current 35.91 µA and good detection limit (LOD) 4.85 × 10-7 M. This chemical sensor has successful and selective applications in real life samples Tart Cherry, Uva-Ursi and Momordica Charantia for the detection of GA using square wave voltammetry and comparison of the electrochemical data of GA and other antioxidants was done by chromatographic analysis hence establishing it as a useful, smart, and potent sensor in biomedical applications.


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Emily Joo Kheng Goh

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Sadequr Rahman

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