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The Educator’s Role in Creating the Conditions for Children’s Participation and Concept Formation Using a Teacher-Researcher Methodology: Implications for Professional Development

posted on 2021-08-23, 04:34 authored by REBECCA MARDI LEWIS
The role of early childhood educators in actively creating the conditions for children’s concept formation was examined in a traditional early childhood program. Framed by cultural-historical theory of child development, a unique teacher-researcher methodology was used to research the educator’s practice. An educational experiment using a Conceptual Playworld model was implemented to examine the role of the educator when creating imaginary situations with children as play partner. The educator’s role was found to involve a range of educator-child interactions, using drama and emotion, to intentionally engage children in conceptual thinking. The research contributes to play pedagogy and provides insight into the need for professional development underpinned by a new theoretical understanding of child development.


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Marilyn Fleer

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