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The Development of a Valid Informant-Report Measure of Children's Cattell-Horn-Carroll Cognitive Abilities

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posted on 2018-12-06, 01:27 authored by LYDIA SHI QIAN SOH
This thesis examines the capacity of parents and teachers to accurately report on children's cognitive functioning, and explores the applicability of cognitive constructs contained within CHC theory in obtaining a measure of cognitive functioning via informant-report methods. The current study provides evidence for the capacity of parents and teachers to estimate accurately children’s abilities. The data adequately demonstrates the reliability and validity of the newly developed Estimates of Children’s Cognitive Abilities instrument. The results highlight the importance of using strong theoretical models in scale development, and brings us a step closer to developing an effective multi-informant, multi-method measurement of abilities.


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Louise Mclean

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Shane Costello

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Kate Jacobs

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Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Education