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Technology Enhanced Assessment and Feedback among Educators across Disciplines

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posted on 10.04.2020, 09:10 by ALENA YOKE TENG TAN
UNESCO asserts that technology has potential to improve education. Based on this, higher education institutions in Malaysia are urged to transform learning and assessment through integration of educational technological tools. This thesis explores and investigates the way in which educators incorporate these tools to assess and provide students with feedback in learning environments. The findings indicate that integration of educational technological tools in enhancing the assessment and feedback practices are still far from desirable level in HEIs in Malaysia. Hence, this thesis suggests to rethink and revamp current assessment and feedback practices through the development of a modified Technology Enhanced Assessment and Feedback (TEAF) framework.


Campus location


Principal supervisor

Rajendran Parthiban

Additional supervisor 1

Esyin Chew

Additional supervisor 2

David Mellor

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School of Information Technology (Monash University Malaysia)

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Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK ; Deakin University, Australia


Doctor of Philosophy

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