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Teaching children with autism spectrum disorder through technology: the effects of using an iPad as both a supportive and independent teaching tool

posted on 2017-02-22, 03:44 authored by Chan, Pui Tzan
The advancements in software application and mobile technology, have seen numerous ways in which technology can been used to teach children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Many studies have demonstrated the positive outcomes and benefits associated with the use of technological devices such as tablets in the education of children with ASD. There are, however, gaps in the current body of research. Firstly, the evidence base to support the use of mobile technology to teach academic skills to children with ASD is limited; secondly, many studies have evaluated the use of tablet devices as a supportive teaching tool, whilst few studies have evaluated the use of tablet devices as an independent teaching tool. Through a series of studies, this doctoral research aimed to investigate the effectiveness of utilising iPad-based interventions as both a supportive and independent teaching tool; to teach children with ASD academic and language skills. Ten children with ASD aged between three and 11 years participated across four intervention studies with a variety of single case research designs. This thesis demonstrates the utility of an iPad and its capabilities as both a supportive and independent teaching tool. The series of studies demonstrated that additional prompting procedures can be utilised to further improve performance in children with ASD. The implications of this thesis may provide information to practitioners as well as families about viable intervention options available to children with ASD.


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