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Tabla Without Borders: Toward a Contemporary Model for Tabla Performance and Composition

posted on 02.04.2019, 23:41 authored by SAMUEL JOHN EVANS
This practice-led research examines the potential for creating new, contemporary repertoire for the tabla in small ensemble settings. The aim of the research is to expand the musical roles, elements, and conventions that are performed on the tabla in the context of contemporary intercultural music. The music created in this research is documented in recording and notation to demonstrate the practical application of the theoretical musical concepts enunciated in the written component of the research. The written component of the research fills a gap in the literature on the contemporary performance practices of the instrument and the performance component contributes significant new musical functionality for the tabla in contemporary intercultural music.


Principal supervisor

Stuart Grant

Additional supervisor 1

Dr. Thomas Reiner

Additional supervisor 2

Dr. Andy Sugg

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Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music


Doctor of Philosophy (Music Performance)

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Faculty of Arts