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Systematic Approach for Quick Diagnosis/Root Cause Investigation of Noise from Steering

posted on 06.05.2021, 06:43 by CHIEH CHIENG WOO
This research investigated into two components of the vehicle steering system. The problem with one of the components (mechanical steering gear) is that it tends to generate undesirable noises and the culprits causing these noises are needed to be found out. Existing method to distinguish the root causes takes a lot of time so this project proposes another method to identify the culprits in a quicker manner. Another component has cavity in its material which weakened it. Detection of this cavity with proposed method is 50% faster hence, more components can be sorted according to the presence of cavity.


Principal supervisor

Tan Ming Kwang

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School of Engineering (Monash University Malaysia)


Master of Engineering Science (Research)

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Faculty of Engineering

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