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Synthesis and application of carbon-based materials for high performance energy storage devices

posted on 2017-05-02, 01:27 authored by Mahdokht Shaibani
Lithium-Sulfur battery; a very promising battery technology to outperform today’s low energy density Lithium-ion battery is hindered by electrode solubility issues which results in short cycle life. In this dissertation, it is demonstrated that rethinking of the assembly protocols and introducing multi-functional components to the battery configuration can bring additional functionalities to the device which solves the inherent drawbacks of the Lithium-Sulfur system in a rather unconventional fashion. These studies showed the potential of carbon-based films in boosting the Energy density and life time of the Lithium-Sulfur battery.


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Mainak Majumder

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Matthew R. Hill

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Anthony F. Hollenkamp

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