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Synthesis and Characterisation of Electrochemically-derived Graphene Oxide

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posted on 26.05.2019, 09:29 by PEI YU
This thesis has focused on the investigation of electrochemically-derived graphene oxide (EGO) with a comprehensive study of its synthesis, characterisation of structure, chemistry, and properties. This work presents the development of a new, scalable approach for the synthesis of graphene oxide by electrochemical oxidation method, and the investigation of how aqueous dispersible EGO could be produced with optimized electrochemical conditions. It also seeks to understand the properties of EGO including aqueous dispersibility, microwave reduction ability, stability and ionic sieving properties of EGO-based multilayer membranes compared with chemically-derived graphene oxide (CGO).


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George Philip Simon

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Dan Li

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Materials Science and Engineering


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Engineering