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Synergistic Effects on the High-Temperature Reactivity of Coal Blends with Biochar or Scrap-Tyre Char in CO2 Rich Conditions

posted on 12.11.2019, 03:25 by MIRIAM VARSHA ISSAC
The potential substitution of coal with waste materials such as biomass and scrap tyre for energy recovery is a feasible option to allow sustainable energy production. This PhD project investigates the carbon dioxide (CO2) reaction properties of biomass char, scrap tyre char and the blends with coal. This reaction is significant for low emission processes such as oxy-fuel combustion and CO2-gasification process. A combination of advanced modelling, experimental studies and analytical techniques were undertaken during the PhD research. The findings from this thesis have made significant contributions to promote the utilisation of biomass and scrap tyre for energy generation purposes.


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Lian Zhang

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Tara Hosseini

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Chemical Engineering


Doctor of Philosophy

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