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Sustaining the second chance option: An exploration of the learning experiences of at-risk learners in a Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning program at a Technical and Further Education institution

posted on 2021-12-17, 01:32 authored by HANNAH MAY RICHARDSON
This qualitative study explored the learning trajectory of a group of marginalised learners as they navigated and negotiated an alternative learning VCAL program at TAFE in Victoria, Australia. Drawing on Bourdieu’s theory of practice provided insight and understanding of the structured influences which shaped the learners social practice. The learners’ experience suggested the inclusion and vocational skills acquired through the holistic applied learning pedagogy of the VCAL program at TAFE positively influenced their learner identity and sustained construction of strong employment and family identities. However, the learners’ long term educational aspirations were constrained by access and structural barriers to learning.


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