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Surface precipitation on engineering alloys

posted on 26.08.2021, 00:43 by THANG VU DINH
A new surface treatment process, termed as “Surface precipitation”, is presented in this thesis. Surface precipitation requires heat treatment steps to induce a uniform pattern of solid-state precipitates on the external surface of engineering alloys. This thesis focuses on exploring potential applications of surface precipitation to modify the surface properties of engineering alloys. Surface precipitation is applied to provide sacrificial cathodic protection for Aluminium (Al) alloys. Building from this work, the effect of surface precipitates on the stress corrosion cracking resistance of Al alloys is investigated. A “proof of concept” application of surface precipitation to enhance catalytic performance for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide on engineering alloys is also studied in this project.


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Christopher Ross Hutchinson

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Sebastian Thomas

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Materials Science and Engineering


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Faculty of Engineering