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Surface design, identity and composition: a studio based research into traditional textiles techniques, hand work and industrial processes

posted on 2017-02-28, 00:55 authored by Quintero Rodriguez, Carolina
This exegesis documents a series of works that discusses and explores textiles (embroidery, lacing and weaving) as a vehicle and creative tool to express through textiles cultural dislocation and connection. It conveys a personal journey my state of constant in-between feeling, not only in-between places, but in-between creative spaces. The work encompasses 10 large textiles, developed in different techniques learnt through border crossing and utilising imagery evoking memories from the places I have lived: Colombia, Brazil and Australia. The structure of this document is a platform to understand the creative process and research that led to the development of this body of work. Part 1 is focused in the cultural significance of textiles as a language and the value of the hand made and industrially made textiles. Part 2 is concentrated in discussing the connotations of home, belonging and border crossing for the creation of my identity. Part 3 is explains the conceptualization of the body of work produced during this research. It explains the techniques used and the relevance of textile tradition transference between mother and daughter. This document will explore artists and literature relevant to the research and final exhibition


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