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Supercritical fluid extraction, encapsulation of chebulagic acid from Terminalia bellirica fruits and its food application

posted on 2023-07-11, 05:53 authored by MRUDULA GUGGILLA
This thesis investigates the extraction and encapsulation of chebulagic acid (CA) from Terminalia bellirica and its addition to orange juice. Supercritical fluid extraction using 50% ethanol as a modifier was the most efficient method, yielding 79.92% (w/w) CA with 96.9% purity. Encapsulation with maltodextrin and gum Arabic improved water solubility, masked bitterness, and increased bioavailability. Encapsulated CA (ECA) displayed antimicrobial activity against E. coli and B. cereus and had storage stability for 640 days at 25±2˚C. Adding ECA to orange juice increased storage stability without impacting sensory attributes. This study proposes a promising method for utilizing CA in food applications.


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Siow Lee Fong

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Chow Sek Chuen

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School of Sciences (Monash University Malaysia)


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