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Study of Ion Beam Interaction with Materials and Nanostructure Fabrication

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posted on 05.07.2021, 00:51 by Bhaveshkumar Kamaliya
This work aims at achieving novel fabrication strategies using ion beam-induced self-organization toward hierarchical and 3D nanostructures. With the focused ion beam (FIB) induced nanoscale control on the Ge surface, orientation controlled quasi-periodic nanoripples are consummated with antireflection properties. Further, an easy and single-step method to manipulate the morphology of circular nanoholes via FIB irradiation is demonstrated with theoretical insights supported by molecular dynamics simulations. Through nanoscale control over self-organization process dynamics on the surface of germanium, periodic and protruding (3D) nanoscale-polygons are realized. The demonstrated morphology manipulation promises to surmount the roadblocks toward miniaturization in the field of nanofabrication.


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Jing Fu

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Rakesh G. Mote

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Mohammed Aslam

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Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Engineering