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Studies on Bidentate E,N (E = S, Se, Te), N,N (Redox Active) and Tridentate N,N,N Ligands: Complexes with Lanthanoids, Tin and Transition Metals

posted on 07.04.2020 by Rajesh Deka
The thesis deals with the coordination chemistry of several diverse classes of ligands with different metals. The key features of the thesis are as follows:
1. A series of novel, low molecularity lanthanoid tellurolate complexes are synthesized using intramolecularly coordinated hybrid ligands, namely 2-{(dimethylamino)methyl}phenyl tellurolate and quinoline-8 tellurolate. DFT calculations suggest that the nature of bonding between Te and Ln is predominantly ionic in nature with slight mixing of covalency.
2. The structural characterization of bis(8-sulfanylquinolinium) hexachloridostannate(IV) is reported and its variable reaction behavior in different solvent is explored.
3. A series of novel Ru and Os complexes of bidentate ligand, N,N ́-bis(2-pyridyl)benzene-1,2-diamine are synthesized and their accessible oxidized and reduced forms are experimentally studied.
4. The synthesis and structural aspects of Pd, Pt, Se and Te complexes of pyrrole based NNN-pincer ligands, namely 2,5-bis[(dimethylamino)methyl] pyrrole, 2,5-bis[(pyrrolidino)methyl] pyrrole and 2,5- bis[(piperidino)methyl] pyrrole are explored.


Campus location

IITB, India

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Glen Berenger Deacon

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David Roger Turner

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Department of Chemistry


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Science