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Structural Characterisation and Engineering of the Single Disulfide-Directed β-Hairpin (SDH) Fold

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posted on 2018-11-12, 04:30 authored by BALASUBRAMANYAM CHITTOOR
“This thesis examines the potential of single disulfide directed β-hairpin fold identified in a peptide contryphan-Vc1, from an Australian cone snail Conus victoriae as a peptide scaffold. It establishes different aspects of stability of contryphan-Vc1 and is shown to accept short epitopes without disrupting its structure. An attempt to enhance the SDH fold as a peptide scaffold is made by engineering an additional disulfide bridge in the contryphan-Vc1. This thesis also examines the lipid binding property of contryphan-Vc1 using dodecylphospocholine micelles and also tries to identify crucial residues for folding and maintenance of the SDH fold.”


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Raymond Stanley Norton

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Medicinal Chemistry


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences