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Strongly Correlated Fermi Gases

posted on 08.04.2022, 06:21 by EMMA KATE LAIRD
The thrust of this research is the study of strongly interacting Fermi gases at the interface between condensed matter physics and the physics of ultracold atomic gases. A particular emphasis is placed on how strong few-body correlations in these systems impact the many-body behavior. The first half of this thesis comprises three theoretical studies on cold atoms: Fermi gases with SU(N) symmetry, how to engineer long-lived trimers, and frustrated Feshbach resonances. The second half contains three theoretical studies in the solid state: electron-exciton interactions in doped two-dimensional semiconductors, exciton-polaritons in quantum wells of finite width, and Rydberg exciton-polaritons in magnetic fields.


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Jesper Fredenslund Levinsen

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Meera Parish

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Kristian Helmerson

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Physics and Astronomy


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Science

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