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Strengthening hepatitis C testing and treatment in resource-constrained settings: implementation and health service delivery research

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posted on 2022-09-08, 03:01 authored by BRIDGET LOUISE DRAPER
This thesis presents research on an innovative care model for hepatitis C testing and treatment – the CT2 Study – in Myanmar, and on the patient experience of accessing the national program. The CT2 Study showcased the successful implementation of a decentralised and simplified care model, featuring point-of-care testing and non-specialist prescribers; it achieved high retention in care and cure rates, and was feasible to implement in a resource-constrained setting. Findings from the patient experience study highlighted how gratitude for the opportunity to access treatment at no cost meant that patients were willing to endure inconveniences and unmet expectations of care.


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Alisa Pedrana

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Jess Howell

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Public Health and Preventive Medicine

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Burnet Institute

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