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Stability, Transition and Turbulence in Quasi-Two-Dimensional MHD Duct Flows

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posted on 21.02.2022, 04:29 authored by CHRISTOPHER JOHN CAMOBRECO
This thesis investigates the conditions necessary to generate and sustain turbulence in quasi-two-dimensional shear flows. Intense rotation, strong magnetic fields, and small aspect ratios can both suppress turbulence, and lead to flows which are practically two-dimensional. These features can be present in many engineering applications, and designing devices which efficiently pump fluid or extract heat requires understanding if, when and how turbulence will develop in these duct flows. While many of the distinctive features of three-dimensional turbulence are exhibited by their quasi-two-dimensional counterpart, this thesis shows that the routes to turbulence distinctly differ.


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Alban Potherat

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


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