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Spray Drying of a Novel Low Bulk Density Reduced Sugar Powder

posted on 20.03.2020, 03:00 by YONGMEI SUN
White food-grade sugar is highly processed involving multi-steps that remove most of the natural minerals and phytochemicals that improve health and increase sweetness. The over usage of sugars in daily diet is a well-publicized global challenge. Food companies are increasingly required to reduce sugar content for our health and wellbeing but a less refined “real raw” sugar that could reduce added sugars to food is still unavailable. This project is established to introduce spray drying as a technique to develop a less refined, healthier sweetener that could reduce the quantity of added sugar to foods. The significant sugar reduction provides the industry with a real raw sugar product and sugar reduction solution to the global challenge of sugar over-usage.


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Meng Wai

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Chemical Engineering


Master of Engineering Science (Research)

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