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Solid organ pancreas transplantation in Australia and New Zealand: A review of pancreas retrieval and utilisation practices and current donor and recipient suitability criteria

posted on 10.09.2021, 05:44 authored by Jonathan Eng Ho Ling
Variation in donor and recipient suitability criteria for solid pancreas transplantation exists worldwide leading to non-utilisation of potentially transplantable pancreata. This thesis contrasts Australian and New Zealand donor and recipient suitability criteria for solid pancreas transplantation to worldwide practice and examines avenues to increase pancreas utilisation. It identifies lower local donor and recipient upper age limits (vs worldwide) and demonstrates the impact of extending these criteria. It also identifies logistical factors associated with pancreas non-retrieval within the local solid pancreas transplant cohort. This thesis informs further research into future modifications to pancreas transplantation suitability criteria and minimisation of pancreas non-utilisation.


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John Kanellis

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Kevan Polkinghorne

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Medicine - Monash Health


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Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences