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Social and clinical studies of interventions towards HIV cure

posted on 2021-08-25, 13:24 authored by JILLIAN SHU YUN LAU
This thesis explores the field of HIV cure: efforts to control or eradicate the virus in the absence of regular treatment. There is a particular focus on clinical trials of interventions that withhold HIV treatment as a test of whether the intervention works. This practice is known as an analytical treatment interruption. Stakeholder perceptions of trial involving these interruptions were explored. Alternative trial designs have been proposed that balance statistical power with safety and convenience of participants. Additionally, the role of drugs typically used in cancer therapy were studied as an HIV cure intervention. This thesis provides new insights and knowledge vital for the advancement of HIV cure science.


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James Mcmahon

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Sharon Lewin

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Central Clinical School

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Alfred Hospital, Central Clinical School, Monash University

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

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